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you can see the tracks it took. look at all the damage there on the porch. even down on the sidewalk you can see the drops of blood remaining from the chp officer who was injured. >> it was hard. how can you imagine a house like an earthquake. i felt it really shake the house. >> reporter: she recalls her reaction when it smashed into her front porch. >> there was a person over here. thought that he may be dead. >> reporter: the chp says what ended here in hayward began at 10:00 a.m. in san leandro. a man who was already speeding they say refused to pull over and tried to make a get away driving about 100 miles an hour. >> horrified. to have such an event occur here so far from the freeway is
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just phenomenal. >> reporter: after leaving the freeway the chase continued into the cottage park neighborhood just west of the cal state east bay campus. >> i knew there would be blood. >> because? >> because of the sirens and speed. >> reporter: she ran to her window when she heard the commotion. >> how fast do you think they were going? >> the first time i heard it i thought it was 100 miles an hour. >> did ram the officer's patrol vehicle which caused the officer to collide with the front porch. >> reporter: the man the chp officer was after smashed and then ran away but hayward police caught him a few blocks away. an ambulance took the injured officer to eden medical center. in the end of injuries weren't too serious, just cuts to his head. he has been released. >> it is fortunate because they had to have come a long distance on heavily trafficked streets. and as i said, a lot of people
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walk around here. >> that was simon perez in hayward. there was this crash. a big rig smashed into a power pole. happened 8:00 a.m. near the richmond parkway. that crash sheered off the pole temporarily of course knocking out power in the area. no serious injuries reported. not clear exactly what caused that crash. bart is running again after a power outage in the berkeley area. about 27,000 customers, many of them in downtown berkeley were without power. the north berkeley and downtown bart stations had to be closed after 11:00 p.m. a fix came about 1:00 p.m. this afternoon and no word yet on what caused that outage. >> oh, man. oh, man. oh, my god. amazing new home video
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tonight of that massive landslide that has left dozens of families all be trapped in the santa cruz mountains. luckily nobody was hurt. but the slides are so powerful it uprooted large trees. neighbors have both a foot path to get around the debris until it is cleared and they say that these types of problems come with the territory. >> so it is inconvenient. but when you live in the mountains like this things like this happen and you have to learn to be flexible. >> crews have started widening that foot path so all terrain vehicles can reach the homes. geologists are assessing the stability of the slope in the meantime to determine when it will be safe to clear off that debris. roberta, more rain saturating hillsides and the ground around here. what's going on? >> that's one of the areas that will be one of primary concerns over the next 24 hours, and we have a flash flood warning in effect for all our bay area mountains. right now let's get to it where we have our radar placing the
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light to moderate rainfall now around the peninsula where you see the pockets of yellow. that's a more moderate to heavy downpour. and i did check in with our local airports and even though we have rain at s.f.o., so far no airport delays. east of the bay now the precipitation beginning to lift in that direction around san leandro for the evening commute all the way into alameda. we are avoiding any kind of precipitation around that corridor in throughout the tri- valley. to the north of the bay we do have heavy rain now saturating mill valley. you see all that activity offshore. it is all lifting up in a north easterly direction. let me show you what i mean by one of our latest satellite images. this is the area of low pressure. i'll get out of the way so you can see it there. and notice the core, the center. low is way back here. this is the front that is trapping some tropical moisture
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that has precipitation all the way back to the hawaiian islands. we have rain that will be funneling into the bay area. meanwhile, you couple that up with our already saturated soil and this is why we have a flash flood watch in effect for all of our bay area mountains from the north bay all the way to monterey bay. so that means that you can see some flooding on our local roadways at any time from now all the way really into about friday. temperatures tonight to overnight into the 40s. 50 degrees in oakland. meanwhile this area of low pressure right on its heels as yet another system -- so once the rain begins to taper off by tomorrow night we will see another more powerful storm for thursday/friday. this is how we are playing out your pinpoint forecast for tonight overnight everybody is wet at times, pockets of moderate to heavy rain. winds ramping out of the south and southeast 20 to 30 miles per hour. and that is pretty much how we will kick start your morning. meanwhile tomorrow's daytime high temperatures into the 50s. under 60 degrees everywhere.
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there is the extended forecast where we have a bigger storm on thursday. another storm on saturday. and, allen, we will iron all this out so you can make plans for your weekend. that's still straight ahead. by the way, allen, we were talking about problems in yosemite. 2 feet of snow expected there tomorrow. >> my gosh. thank you. prosecutors today called it ridiculous claims by barry bonds that he never knowingly took steroids. his attorneys made exactly that point as testimony in the bonds perjury trial got underway. joe vazquez was in the courtroom today when a key witness was actually hauled off to jail. >> reporter: gregg anderson. barry bonds childhood friend and personal trainer. inside the courtroom it got very quiet when anderson walked in. went right up to the judge and it was very quick. yes, he decided he was going to stand by his friend and, no, he was not going to testify. >> reporter: he is a key witness but he is still not
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talking. greg anderson, barry bonds' fitness trainer says yet again he will not testify against his friend. so the judge immediately ordered him locked up in jail for the duration of the trial. his attorney mark geragos said anderson has already served time in prison for this case. prosecutors went on to show the jury what they called a key piece of evidence. this photo. victor and the trainer greg anderson. prosecutors said they are the three muskateers that pretended to sell supplements but was providing performance-enhancing drugs to some of the most elite athletes in the world. he testified nobody but his doctor had ever injected him with anything and he said he did take a substance from greg anderson that he believed was flax seed oil and arthritis
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cream. his defense attorneys insisted today in front of the jury that bonds did not ever knowingly take steroids. >> reporter: the judge called it utterly ridiculous. and of course from the defense attorney there was -- of course, they just yelled out and said wait a minute, objection, then the judge said of course we are going to stand by that objection and allen, as you might imagine, there are emotions running high on both sides. but bottom line here it is not just whether he knowingly took steroids, it is whether -- the other piece of the evidence, did he inject himself? remember he told the grand jury that no one other than a doctor had done anything like that. and you will start seeing witnesses tomorrow. a childhood friend says bonds told him he injected himself. steve's sister kathy claims
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that she bonds once inject himself. but of course defense attorneys are going to talk about there might be ulterior motives on this brother and sister because, according to bonds, ripped them up. >> we can't take cameras in the courtroom we just have sketches. what is barry bonds' demeanor in court? what is he like? how is his reaction? >> reporter: he sits quietly for the most part. i saw him making eye contact with the jurors every now and then. you can't help but look at him and gawk at him a little. i saw jurors sneaking glances over at him. but, you know, no emotion as of yet. i've got to say when greg anderson approached the judge and then she said no, you're going to jail, he tried to stay looking ahead and then he watched his friend go off. you just have to wonder what is going through barry bonds' mind as his loyal friend stands by him once again. >> no doubt. he will be sitting in jail until the trial is over. joe vazquez, thank you so much.
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well, no doubt many of you are sick and tired of all this rain. we found an up side for you last night and tonight where all that water is putting on a beautiful show. 't see this film. consumers can't see it. businesses can't see it. people in the e it." and a dog park dog fight. why some neighbors are slamming a plan to build an off-leash park near lake merit. consumers can't see it. businesses can't see it. people in their offices can't see it. how a bay area company just gave the empire state building an upgrade. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it has been talked about for years but plans for a new dog park in oakland have many not only worried but downright furious including dog lovers. we have more on what is behind
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a battle that has city council members acting as referees. kristin? >> reporter: dana, the overall problem here is that no dogs are allowed in any of the parks currently surrounding lake merritt so city council members put together a plan to put one here at the north end of lake merritt. it is too busy and too close some say to a nearby playground. it has become a downright dog fight. >> people on both sides have been way over the top. >> reporter: neighbor against neighbor. dog owners. >> i'm all for it. >> reporter: pitted against parents. >> i'm worried that all of these little kids are going to be in danger. >> reporter: over a slice of sandwich between the area. >> i do think it is needed but i think that exact location is
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a little exposed and it is surrounded by busy streets on all sides. >> reporter: even some dog owners worried this is simply not the place for a pup. a nearby tot lot where children roam. >> we have two other parks with dog parks immediately adjacent and we haven't had problems like that. >> reporter: this councilwoman has been helping to plot the park for more than a decade and despite mounting friction and dualing facebook pages on both sides she says this is a perfect place for lake merritt's dog park. >> it is a high use area. it is also a very dense area with lots of people and dogs and a place that is needed for those folks to be able to walk conveniently to exercise their dogs. >> reporter: sounds practical enough but neighbors worry when all sides come together for a public meeting wednesday the fur will fly. >> we are neighbors. we can talk to each other.
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you know. i think if people met face-to- face i think it would be a little more civil. >> reporter: that public meeting will happen at 7:00 p.m. at lakeshore baptist church tomorrow evening. about 100 people expected there. ultimately the decision, dana, will be up to parks & rec to decide whether the park will go in here. city council is expecting and hoping to break ground in about a year's time. >> kristin, you showed us the plans for the park. and i'm wondering, this is going to be a fenced in area, right, where the dogs are? >> reporter: it will be a fenced in area. a fence about 4 feet high. we did hear opposition to that because it is only 4 feet some people worry the dogs could jump over into traffic or maybe towards that playground. >> all right. we will wait for the outcome of the meeting then. kristin, thank you. well, many of us -- dana -- are ready for dry weather but others found the silver lining in all this. ann notarangelo takes us to some of the water falls springing up around the east bay. >> reporter: as we followed our guide from the east bay
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regional park district into the park one look at the creek below was an indication of what we were about to see. >> we come up here quite a bit. it is a nice hike and the mountains at this time of year are just absolutely gorgeous. they are all green and stays that way until probably the end of may. >> reporter: yosemite falls is a favorite for east bay parkers. >> you park at the parking lot and go over the bridge and you're just a mile away. >> you come up here a couple times a week. what do you think about the falls today? >> this is incredible. i haven't seen it this fast or furious. i was here last thursday and it was actually kind of quiet. i think it was just because of the weekend storm. >> this is the largest you will see the falls this year. the funny thing is we are finding water falls we didn't know existed now. the creeks are raging and going over the rocks. >> reporter: this is the easiest falls to see. the next place we will show you takes a lot more effort to see.
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>> reporter: we got a ride from the parks districts employees to other falls. the falls don't look that far apart but the falls along the wilderness trail is not easy to get to. it is the largest water fall in the east bay but you have to work for it. it is the toughest water fall to access. a challenging 8 miles in. >> the elevation. you go up about 1000 feet, down 1000, up 1000 so it is a strenuous hike but really worth it during a wet, rainy season like this. this has been a great year. >> seeing it is quite a treat because most people don't make it in and doesn't last long. just a couple weeks after the rainy season ends this starts to dry up. those who miss is can check out little yosemite year-round. ann notarangelo, cbs5. >> that's beautiful. how about this. for the first time in more than a decade the severe weather is
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completely closed yosemite national park. a storm dumped 3.5 feet of snow in two hours. 2 more feet of snow expected. a rock slide broke an integral transmission pole cutting off power to many people. the snow is blocking the roads. tonight visitors are being urged to head home. giving teens a lesson in the real cost of drunk driving and the growing cost of alzheimer's disease on those who find themselves carrying for loved ones. that and more in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,da dan: i had a biopsy and i had high-risk prostate cancer.
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i was depressed. i was shocked. sometimes cancer makes you feel very lonely. the doctors can do their best to cure the cancer, but it takes all of the other stuff to make you a whole person again.
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i've been given a second chance. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit he u-s is killed o it is an alarming and frightening statistic. every 15 minutes someone in the u.s. is killed or seriously injured in a drunk driving crash. and that statistic has become a
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rallying cry in an effort to attack the problem. mike sugerman explains. >> reporter: which one of these fresh faced high school students won't be coming home again? which one will be 16 forever? which one's parents will keep their empty room a shrine with teddy bears and baseball mitts? today it was this girl. 15 minutes later. another high school student. >> emily bombquist. >> reporter: someone is killed or seriously injured in a drunk driving crash every 15 minutes. and that's the message behind every 15 minutes. an elaborate annual chp production today put on in front of the student high body. >> every 15 minutes the event is designed to teach the students the real life
6:22 pm
consequences of drinking and drying and it is a scare tactic. >> reporter: but a brutally realistic one. alcohol was found in the car. his life is ruined. there will be jail time and a life sentence of thinking about how he was responsible. the girl is dead and another student will probably never walk again. taken which chp helicopter to a critical care unit. >> i talked to her this morning. it was kind of hard to talk to her one moment and then here the next. >> reporter: statistics show drunk driving arrests around teenagers nationwide is down. the message is getting through. but many young people still don't get it. they are seeing a brutally honest depiction of what a drunk driving accident looks like. >> no one should ever do it. i think people should take this
6:23 pm
into the biggest reality they can ever grasp. >> for the millions of us that have had too much to drink and got behind the wheel and for the millions of americans like mine who have suffered a death due to a drunk driver, we sure hope so. mike sugerman, cbs5. a new report shows alzheimer's is having a much bigger impact on caregivers than first thought. dr. kim mulvihill shows us how the debilitating condition is affecting family and friends of patients. >> reporter: russell patterson left his full time job in new york for another job he never expected. taking care of his 77-year-old mother edith who has alzheimer's disease. >> i had my own life. hi an apartment in manhattan and i knew something had to be done. >> reporter: patterson is one of an estimated 15 million americans now caring for someone with alzheimer's or dimensia. 37% than reported last year. >> their friends and family are giving up their time.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: alzheimer's targets the brain and memory, thinking and behavior. a person's ability to speak, walk or even eat can eventually fail. the new report from the alzheimer's association also highlights the toll the disease can take on the caregiver. >> people caring for people with alzheimer's disease report a very high level of stress. and actually, over a third of them report living with depression. nearly 5.5 million americans have alzheimer's disease or dimensia. many are living as long as 20 years with the condition putting increased pressure on family members and friends. when patterson realized his mother was having memory problems he reached out to the alzheimer's association for answers. now he has some help during the day. >> once i find a job then i'll figure out what the next move is. i can only do day by day. >> reporter: like millions of other americans who suddenly find themselves caring for someone else. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs5 health
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watch. he is the new governor running out of time. why jerry brown is watching the clock tonight and his latest attempt to save his budget plan before it even gets off the ground. more bad budget news here at san jose city hall. even with some new employee concessions wait until you hear how many police and firefighters could still lose their jobs. >> we replaced 6,514 windows. over 26,000 panes of glass. did it in six months. it was a landmark job for this company. changing every window in the empire state building. tonight that same technology gets another look. ,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] the network.
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a living, breathing intelligence that's helping business rethink how to do business. in here, inventory can be taught to learn...
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♪ in here, machines have a voice... ♪ in here, medical history follows you... even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible.
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the people of california. 20:58:46 "this is a matter of we the people taking charge on the most fundamental issues that o let me kno governor jerry brown is trying to make his budget pitch directly to the people of california. >> this is a matter of we the people taking charge and voting on the most fundamental matters that affect all of our lives. so let me know. let your legislators know. would you like a chance to cast this vote or would you feel it is appropriate to shut out the people of california? >> governor jerry brown hit the web with a youtube video asking for a vote on extending taxes.
6:29 pm
democratic lawmakers are trying to get bipartisan support for the measure but republicans are still holding fast. still demanding pension reform. in the meantime san jose city leaders began voting on budget cuts today. the city's firefighters were the first to feel the effects but they will not be the last. mark sayre is in san jose with details of the plan. mark? >> reporter: well, dana, the budget discussion here at san jose city hall today very sobering. the city facing a $105 million deficit for the next year. today we learned that number is expected to increase by perhaps $20 million over the next few months. and despite some concessions by the firefighters more layoffs here are on the horizon. >> reporter: san jose firefighters watched as the city council approved the terms of a new contract calling for a 10% cut to their pay and benefits this year and while firefighters may be the first of the city's 11 unions to reach agreement for pay reductions the message today is
6:30 pm
very sobering. even if all city unions agree to a similar 10% cut that is still not going to be enough to prevent hundreds of layoffs. >> there is some discussion about whether or not the 10% reduction total compensation is enough. we know that it is not. not enough to avoid budget problems next year. but it is a good first step. >> reporter: a councilman tried to derail the vote on the firefighters' contract saying it is not the right thing to approve a contract which is clearly not going far enough. >> we are voting on a solution now which is a nonsolution and what we need to be doing is going back to our bargaining units with a comprehensive approach that says how we are going to close this gap through some means other than simply laying people off. >> reporter: under the terms of the new contract firefighters union president says his membership will keep negotiating on the issue of retirement benefits. >> we are ready and prepared to come to the table just like our commitment said that we will. we are going to honor our word and come to the table and bargain in good faith to find
6:31 pm
real solutions for a retirement benefit. >> reporter: the ongoing budget process requires an increase in the retirement age for city workers. >> we know that next year we will take a hit on services. the gap is just too big. we are going to be cutting staff and laying people off despite our best efforts. >> reporter: so how many layoffs are we talking about? the city budget director told the city council here today that even if every employee union, all 11 of them, took a 10% pay reduction you're still looking at 230 police officers and 90 firefighters that could still be laid off. today's concessions though, at least by the firefighters group, dana, saved an estimated 70 firefighting positions here in san jose. no easy answers to any of this and that was very clear today listening into this discussion here this afternoon. back to you. >> all right. mark sayre in san jose, thank you. after you sold drywall to
6:32 pm
the stars, what next? how about selling windows? this company has sold environmentally friendly soundproofing to usher and others. tonight a look how green is also going all the way to the top of the empire state building. >> amazingly exciting. by the time we finished the new construction market had fallen 80% in the country. >> reporter: not the best timing but it is a green product. it is quiet too. musicians use a fraction of the energy along with a smaller footprint than traditional drywall. that's what going green is all about, isn't it? >> i still think and we think here that the business opportunity isn't to be green, it is actually to put green in people's pocket. >> reporter: his company pocket and your pocket. >> if you really want to explode the market you have to
6:33 pm
give the people back in one year, two years, three years. >> reporter: here is how windows come into play. they recently finished an entire retrofit of windows of new york's empire state building without trashing the old windows. >> we replaced it all in under than six months and reused every pane of glass in that building. >> reporter: why? a win/win. retrofitting the olds windows saved the cost of $2200 per window and the added insulation will save the empire state building an estimated $400,000 per year in energy costs. the technique adds a layer of clear film in between the sheets of glass. >> we create a scenario where we put one or two or three layers of suspended film inside. you can't see this film. consumers can't see it. businesses can't see it. people in their offices can't see it. but it creates multiple chambers of air or gas inside the window and when you do that
6:34 pm
you create more and more insulation inside that window. >> reporter: and coming soon, something they call eye window where even the glass doesn't have to couple out of the frame. so the question is, are we working on something like this for homeowners? and the answer is yes, in time we will have something this powerful for homeowners where they don't have to replace their window they may just slide this on the interior especially in the really cold winter months. >> no doubt serious materials. and the other green products companies that make things like that are looking to tap into the billions of dollars the obama administration wants to spend making commercial buildings more energy efficient. if you have a story you think deserves another look send an e- mail to another look at growing uncertainty over what comes next for allied forces in libya. and at long last what might be some encouraging news out of japan's fukushima nuclear
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plant. have some standards when comes to your hotel? the site that let's you walk the halls and check the views before you book the room. too bad i didn't have that when my news director booked my room at pebble beach. i'm dennis o'donnell. the giant center fielder had a breakout season at age 32, but why did it take so long? a revealing answer that could help millions. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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suffered its first loss today. a u-s fighter jet crashed in rebel terriotry. luckily both airmen are the international mission against libyan forces suffered its first loss today. a u.s. jet crashed. luckily both airmen are safe. coalition forces are stepping up these attacks. >> reporter: all that is left of the f15 that crashed in libya is this burned out shell. the two american pilots who ejected safely were greeted as heros in this rebel controlled area. the pentagon blames equipment failure for the crash. the two pilots are not hurt and back in american hands. it is the first major loss of
6:38 pm
the air assault that u.s. officials are calling a success. >> virtually all of our targets are isolated. >> reporter: the coalition launched another 24 cruise muscles at moammar gadhafi's air defenses today virtually neutralizing his ability to be able to attack civilians from the skies and extending the no fly zone over eastern libya. the u.s. is eager to turn over the operation. >> transfer within the next few days is likely. >> reporter: it is still not clear who the u.s. will turn the operation over to. britain or a european country. the rebels are struggling to hold its ground. gadaffi forces have been on the attack for a week and rebels say more and more civilians are dying inside the city at the hands of gadaffi's men. libya's air power may have been crippled but with more men and more guns colonel gadaffi still has the upper hand on the
6:39 pm
ground. joel brown, cbs news, the state department. adding to more fears in japan another strong earthquake today rattled the area around the crippled nuclear power plant. no reports though of injuries or further damage. workers at that plant have finished installing power lines to the six reactor units. but it is reported that the danger is far from over. >> reporter: the vice chairman of japan's electric company pepco visited a shelter to apologize to homeless fukushima residents. speaking to families one by one. admitting his country's responsibility for the crisis at the nuclear plant and promised to compensate victims. this man says he has apologized to us but we also want to know when we can get back into our homes. that depends on progress at the nuclear plant where engineers are repairing cooling systems. but company officials say the work could take days and they are now dealing with a new
6:40 pm
problem. water in one reactor storage pool is reported to be dangerously hot. if the water boils away, exposed fuel rods could throw more radiation into the atmosphere. united nations monitoring teams say radiation is still rising from the complex but they are not sure where it is coming from. u.s. troops are still making humanitarian flights but pentagon officials say they are being cautious. >> we are very concerned about the health of our men and women in uniform. >> reporter: concerns about contamination are spreading. traces of radiation are being found in seawater, vegetables and milk. the government claims the levels are not a threat to human health. about 170,000 people are believed to be in shelters but at one school turned into an evacuation center, victims had to make way for students. classes resumed with many evacuees looking on. cbs news at the united nations.
6:41 pm
still ahead. think of it as a google earth style preview of your vacation. >> here is a nice look at earth as well. today we had 54 degrees. 61 degrees in hayward. rain, decreasing winds and weather watch you need to know about. eyewitness news continues. we will be right back. ,,,,
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grow grass anywhere. there's a new website that lets you check out your hotel room view before checking "in." on the consumerwatch julie watts with a loo vacationers all want a room with a view. now you can check out your hotel before checking in. julie watts has a look at the technology making this possible. >> reporter: some rely on reviews, others on hotel websites but if a room with a view is important to you a new start up is making it easier. >> i want a nice view. i wasn't quiet. >> reporter: when it comes to booking a hotel many have a checklist. >> very nice view and not next to the ice machine or elevator. >> reporter: and while you can usually find the locations and dimensions of the room online if you're looking for a room with a view you never really know what you're going to get.
6:45 pm
>> we have been very disappointed in views many times. >> reporter: enter room 77 and a new technology that allows you to see the view before you check in. >> we are using screen modeling technology to calculate the latitude, longitude of every room in the hotel and by doing that we are able to estimate what the view is and we have been astonished. >> reporter: astonished? really. we checked it out. we compared the real view to the website. side by side pretty impressive. >> we draw every floor in the hotel here in the office and we take that drawing and fit it onto a google map. >> reporter: the folks never have to set foot into their hotel but their new iphone app may come in handy. after you check your room you can check to make sure it is what you want before heading upstairs and gives you the
6:46 pm
basic room dimensions and distance from the elevator but don't expect to find the local motel 6 here. room 77 focuses on 3 to 5 stars and right now they are only in about 500 hotels nationwide. that's one of the biggest complaints among those who have downloaded the app but most agree the technology is impressive. now room 77 hopes to eventually have 5000 hotels in their data base and offer the ability to reserve your room via app or website for a fee. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs5. >> i would be tempted to get a room with a view and some sunshine. not here. >> the thing this with this next storm coming in we already got saturated this is why we are starting to see watches go into effect. the first one is flash flood watch in effect tonight at midnight all the way through tomorrow afternoon for just about every mountain in the bay area. let's go ahead and take a look at our live cbs5 weather camera. this one at the transamerica building. this is a nice view.
6:47 pm
>> great. >> yes. >> shocking. we have had rain the 10th consecutive day as well. it is raining. live our high-def doppler radar. we have more moderate precipitation across the peninsula and this is why s.f.o. has delays anywhere from 38 minutes to 2 hours and 32 minutes on some departures. the rain filling into the santa clara valley. more rain. now east of the bay you too are starting to see pockets of moderate rain spreading from san leandro all the way up to i 80 across berkeley and into richmond. the bottom line, everybody is wet this evening and winds starting to increase out of the southeast 20 to 30 miles per hour overnight. if you're out and about obviously you do need that umbrella. this is what this latest storm looks like.
6:48 pm
you have a flash flood warning as a result. midnight through tomorrow afternoon for the mountain areas. overnight tonight into the 40s and 50s with the rain tomorrow morning with the bulk of the rain during the morning hours then it will begin to taper off to scattered showers with the threat of a thunderstorm containing small hail. this is how we are playing out this particular thunderstorm for tonight. again, rain all the way through the morning commute. pockets of moderate rain as well. and while the computer model suggests we could see 1 to 2 inches of rain you can't rule out that possibility of even heavier precipitation in some of our mountains from the north bay all the way into monterey bay. tomorrow's highs not even up to 60 degrees. about 58 degrees will be the outside number. rain with wind on thursday.
6:49 pm
a stray shower friday. another impulse rolls in on saturday. leaving us with only a chance of showers on sunday. so sunday will be the dry day of the weekend. and then daily chances of rain monday/tuesday. i'm just loving this picture. michael sent this from antioch. said he turned the corner driving home and saw that and went, wow. i've got to take this photograph. dennis, doesn't that look like kansas? >> i would love to go home. >> keep your photos coming to my pics@ storm related news always on our website click on the weather tab. two bay area men's teams that met in the post season? i'm dennis o'donnell. why does a woman coach take up wrestling? after this. ,,,,
6:50 pm
i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game.
6:51 pm
announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit they were thrilled. she's a natural vibrato. oh. we started saving for this music camp in vermont. so i told them about some of the wells fargo online savings tools like my savings plan, which helps them set up and monitor a savings goal. until we found out that maybe her teacher uses certain terms a little bit loosely. rebecca is clearly very gifted. [ banker ] we decided to roll that money into ashley's college account. turns out there's seven gifted kids in ashley's class of nine. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when it's time to save. ♪
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their first world series title in san francisco. but one the giants overcame several obstacles to win their first world series title in san francisco last year but one player in particular overcame something more.
6:53 pm
and now he is making a documentary. his message, if i can so can you. >> i'm glad that there is somebody out there that can be a role model for young people like joey. it is tough. >> reporter: you are not alone. that is the message that giants center fielder he wants everyone to know. >> a lot of kids like me i went my whole life not paying attention to things. that's the thing. you are kind of like in your own world sometimes. >> reporter: his world is like 10 million other adults. he suffers from attention deficit hyper activity disorder. a condition that disrupts a person's ability to concentrate, sometimes to the point of dysfunction. >> what was it that turned in your career that made you an everyday player? what happened? >> i became more consistent and i started -- i made a documentary of my life with
6:54 pm
adhd. i had that condition for many years. never took the medication. >> reporter: he was diagnosed with adhd in 2002. despite considerable skills he struggled to land a starting job with the detroit tigers and then the texas rangers. and in 2007 he began his 10th year in professional baseball. he was hitless in his first 30 at bats in the minor leagues. it was then that an assistant coach changed his life. >> i will never forget this. he came to me. you have to take this seriously. you have a condition that you need to go to a doctor, get your medication, and then i became more consistent. >> reporter: without him, the giants would not have won the world series. he was rewarded with a one- year, 2.2 million contract. but he is not about the money. a greater reward is the documentary he is making to help those like him. >> i got adhd, i don't feel bad about it.
6:55 pm
i know you don't too. >> i am with a team that won and they treat me like a family. i have been in places where i'm not welcome. why? i don't know. because i didn't get respect. >> he told me he expects the documentary to be released sometime around the all-star break. last night stanford beat st. john's by 26 advancing to the sweet 16 in spokane. two players' final game on their home court. a floor on which they never lost. they won 63 straight games at home. >> walking off the floor i took an extra look around and saw maples and saw all the fan. it was a very special moment. >> we have never had that feeling of a loss while we have played at home. i don't even know what it would feel like. i know it would feel awful. so...
6:56 pm
>> now, she is also an accomplished pianist. she is grappling with a new hobby now. >> i make this look good. bring it on. >> now, this was her idea. she wanted to help promote the wrestling team so she taped a wrestling match so it could be played during time-outs at basketball games. i have learned that her nickname on the mat is tara the terror and her basketball opponents call her that too. history 101. theodore roosevelt was in the oval office when these two teams started playing games against each other since back in 1908. it has been since eisenhower they have played against each other in the post season. meeting in the quarterfinals tonight at usf in the
6:57 pm tournament. rex walter's squad going for their third win of the season against santa clara and he is spreading the word about this game on twitter. >> my wife gets really upset at me sometimes. i will tweet some things that she is like i just don't know about that but i like to do that, i like to talk basketball. i like to brag about our guys because i think we have got an awful lot to brag about. i'm in one of the greatest cities in the world. at a great university. so i've got a lot of things to talk about. and the referees don't like me talking to them so that's the way i kind of get my conversation out. >> got to publicize it somehow. >> a role model. can help a lot of people with that message. >> coming back at 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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